Made In Virginia

An increasing number of candidates and organizations know they want the Union bug on their materials, but can’t find a reliable source in their home state — many states no longer even have a single Union shop — and are forced to send their materials far out of their home districts. 

This is not the case in Virginia! Despite a reputation as an anti-Union, anti-worker state, Virginia is home to a thriving little set of Union printers, including Gibson Print (and along with our Union brothers, sisters and siblings at other plants. To combat the misperception that Virginians need to have their union work printed out of state, we started the Made In Virginia program and began printing the icon above on our in-state work in 2017. We offer this symbol alongside our Union bug on any order delivering to the Commonwealth of Virginia free of charge.

The Made In Virginia label tells folks just what it says; that you spend Virginia money inside Virginia!