Have you got the Bug that’s been going around?

Don’t overlook the little icon you see on the bottom of every piece of work we produce - it’s a mark that shows commitment to the labor movement and the fair and equitable treatment of workers. It’s our Union bug, and we’re proud to print it.

The union bug, or union label, is a badge of quality, workplace justice, and a fair wage. You join together with unions, political campaigns, government agencies, and socially-responsible organizations when you demand that your printed materials are produced by our proud unionized team.

Our Union Bug - Allied Printing Trades Council Washington DC #27

We print our union label on your products as a guarantee that your printed matter was manufactured by skilled, well-compensated union members. Make sure you look for the true mark of quality in union printing, the Allied Label. Ours is lucky number 27, indicating we are members of the Teamsters Graphic Communications Conference Local 72-C, members of the national Allied Printing Trades Council.

Accept no substitutes.